Stop! Fall in love with Camping and Fishing in the Chilcotin.

Chilcotin has so many lakes and camping opportunities, from rustic camping to resort campgrounds with full or partial amenities. Take a cast on one of the many lakes. Throughout the Chilcotin, you will find Lakes with Kokanee and Rainbow Trout. The fantastic night sky and early sunrises.

5 reasons to love camping and fishing in the Chilcotin.

1- Quiet & Tucked away, Just waiting for you.

Chilcotin provides the need to escape to simpler times. Take a breath, “what” You can’t smell anything, only fresh air.

Lots of space to roam, and you’ll never run out of new places to explore

Keep your eyes peeled for Chilcotin wild horses, maybe a deer or two. Sometimes if you are fortunate, you will see a black bear; don’t be afraid. Just drive by, wave and smile.

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2 – Access to many lakes:

Most of the lakes are accessible by vehicle, with most resort or camping sites having boat launches and docks for easy use. “Let the fishing begin.” At Puntzi lake, you can spend the day fishing Kokanee and Rainbow trout. Don’t be surprised if you see a Pelican or two. Pelicans breed and feed on different lakes in Chilcotin.

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3- Activities:

Throughout the Chilcotin, you Will find lots of Hiking trails, off-road adventures. Nature watching, or just relaxing around the campfire and enjoying the million-dollar view. “Just look up.” Everywhere in the Chilcotin, you will have clear skies. There are tours offered in different areas from river rafting, horseback rides, nature viewing so much to see and do.

4- Camping

No concrete here!

Most campsites are all grass or natural, some right on the lakes. With so many open spaces, you will have a hard time picking just one. Just imagine waking up to the most spectacular sunrise or the morning call of the loons. Don’t forget your coffee. The sunsets in the Chilcotin are sure to delight. If you’re looking for a little bit more comfort, some of the lakes have cabins with modern amenities.

5 – No Cooking

If you get tired of your cooking, You will find onsite Restaurants and Bakery Along the way. Hard to believe you can find a bakery in the middle of the Chilcotin. You can be sure you will find all kinds of hidden gems in the backcountry.

Wow, imagine fresh-baked cinnamon buns or a delicious frozen coffee latte to finish off the day or start the day! Either way works for me.

There are a few little grocery stores along the way if you have forgotten something. Plus, some of the resorts with the onsite restaurant also have a few items for sale or will help you out. Remember, the Chilcotin takes care of her guest.

So do I have you Hook, Line and Sinker on visiting the Chilcotin for your next camping or fishing adventure? ( little fish pun)