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2021 Season

Woodlands Fishin Resort is a wonderful fishing resort on Puntzi Lake in the Cariboo Chilcotin Region of British Columbia, Canada. We are open from May to mid-October every year. We are a private resort offering campground facilities as well as cabin rentals. We welcome visitors from all provinces and territories across Canada, subject to individual provincial travel restrictions. Please view our camping policies as outlined below:

COVID-19 Precautions & Policies

For the safety of all our guests and staff, we require that one representative from each party making a reservation at our resort must sign our Covid Waiver which is available on the Covid Policy page of our website.

Refer to Government of BC Covid Regulations here.

Woodlands Fishin Resort Camping Policies

Cabin Suite Rentals Policies

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit and Cash
  • All our rates are based on double occupancy. Please note that applicable taxes will be added to all rates shown.
  • There is a small fee per night for additional people, although up to 2 children 5 and under are free.
  • Bookings of 4 nights or less, a one-night deposit fee will be charged when you book.
  • Bookings of 5 nights or longer, a 25 % deposit will be charged when you book.
Check-In/Check Out – Cabins
  • Check-In Time for cabins is any time after 2:00pm
  • Check-Out time for cabins is 11:00am.
Cancellations – Cabins:
  • For cancellations received at least 8 days prior to your reservation date, a full refund of your initial deposit will be returned.
  • For cancellations received less than 7 days prior to the reservation date, no refund of your initial deposit will be issued.
  • For cancellations less than 7 days prior to the reservation date due to events such as road closure issues in the area, a full refund of your initial deposit will be returned.

Campground Policies

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit and Cash
  • Please note that applicable taxes will be added to all rates shown.
  • All our rates are based on 2 adults per campsite, one vehicle.
  • Extra Vehicle $5.00 per day
  • $5.00 per day for each additional person (children 5 and under are free, to a maximum of 2 children)
  • Extra person:
  • All advanced reservations require a deposit of 50% of the total balance due, based on current year’s rates, with a minimum $50.00 .
  • Deposits equalling any amount up to the entire balance are accepted.
  • Deposits will be applied against credit card provided at the time of booking.
  • Balance of total camping fees will be applied to credit card provided at the time of check-in.
Campground Check In / Check- Out
  • Check-In Time for campground is any time after 1:00pm (you may go in earlier if the site is vacant and has been cleaned).
  • Check-Out time for campground is 11:00am. Please ensure that you are ready to leave by that time in order to allow us to prepare the site for the next guest.
Cancellations – Campsites:
  • Cancellations 14 or more days prior to arrival date, excluding the arrival date, are subject to a $50 Administrative fee.
  • Cancellation less than 14 days prior to arrival date, excluding the arrival date, are subject to cancellation fee of two nights stay $60.00
Modifications – Campsites:
  • A modification constitutes a change to an existing reservation around or within the initial dates reserved [i.e. change arrival date, departure date or site #]
  • A modification does not constitute changing dates to another week, month or year, this constitutes a cancellation and all cancellations policies apply.
  • Any modifications made to existing reservations may change the required deposits amounts.
No-Show Reservations – Campsites:
  • Reservations will be held until 11:00 am the day after the guest’s arrival date.
  • If the guest has not arrived by that time and has not contacted Woodlands Fishin Resort, the reservation will be cancelled as a no-show and the entire deposit will be retained.
Pet Policy

Woodlands Fishin Resort welcomes well-socialized pets in our campground and our cabins. 

A pet damage deposit is required with rentals of cabin accommodations. 

The following rules apply to all guests with pets. 

  • Inform the resort of the number of dogs you will be bringing with you when booking your stay. 
  • Limit of two pets per cabin or RV sites
  • The owner of all pets must be present with pets at all times.
  • Pets may not be left tied outside when owners are away from RV parks or cabins.
  • Pets left unsupervised without the RV park’s permission or that otherwise cause difficulties may be removed at the sole discretion of Woodlands Fishin Resort.
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times. 
  • You are solely responsible for cleaning up after your pets. All droppings left by pets must be discarded by their owners.
  • Only adults may walk pets.
  • Please bring your pet bed or pet blanket. Pets will not be permitted on the furniture, including beds.
  • Pets must be kept in a kennel or pen if they are left alone in the cabins.
  • The owners accept full responsibility for any damages caused by dogs being permitted into the RV park or Cabin.
  • Pets are not allowed in the office as it serves as a bakery & Restaurant.
  • The presence and behaviour of the pet will not be permitted to compromise the well-being and quiet pleasure of other RV park and cabin guests.
  • Aggressive animals will be removed from the premises. When a determination is made, Woodlands Fsihin Resort retains sole discretion. You are solely accountable for any harm caused by your pet under the law.
  • Please note that if your pet is unruly or disturbing other guests, you and your pet will be asked to leave, and there will be no refund of accommodation fees.

In the event that someone does not follow these guidelines, they will be asked to leave the park. Pet owners who are violating these restrictions are given a warning initially, and if the situation persists, they will be asked to leave the RV park or Cabin without a refund.

Smoking / Fire Pits/ Campfires / BBQ’s Policy
  • No smoking is permitted in cabins or any outbuildings
  • Smoking is allowed in the campground, and on cabin decks, but we ask you to please ensure that all lit material is appropriately extinguished and disposed of in a safe matter – please do not throw any butts on the ground.
  • Campfires are permitted as long as no fire bans are in place.
  • Please do not leave fires unattended, and please make sure that all fires are out if you are leaving your campsite.
  • Guest is responsible for cleaning out fire pits of all debris before vacating your site or cabin.
  • Please do not place BBQ grills on picnic tables.
  • Please note that firewood is available for sale at our office.
Quiet time
  • 10:30 PM TO 8:00 AM
  • Be considerate of other campers
Internet Access/Phone Service

Due to our remote location, there is no cell phone service along HWY 20 between Williams Lake and Bella Coola, and as a result, there is no cell phone service at our resort. However, guests are welcome to use our landline at the office (250-481-0011) and use that number as an emergency contact.

  • We do have WIFI internet at our fishing resort.
  •  We request that you restrict your use of checking email and limit any web surfing to sites with no live streaming.
Speed Limit
  • Watch for other campers
  • 5km/hr in the park
Use of Sani-Dump 
  •  There is a  user fee of $25.00 peruse.
Boat Rentals 
  • Please note that you must have a boater’s license to rent a motorboat.
  • Contact office
  • After Hours contact us at our site.

    Please be advised that this property is privately owned. Acceptance of camping privileges is contingent on the camper agreeing to release the Campground, its offices, and employees from all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to a person arising out of his/her use of the campground’s camping facilities, and agreeing to indemnify the Campground, its officers, and employees from any claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to person of any member of the registered camper’s family or guest. Management has put up these regulations in order to keep everyone safe while also attempting to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible. We have the right to impose new rules and regulations at any time. We also have the right to choose our clients and their visitors.