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From great fishing to incredible nature watching, the Chilcotin Region is a place to be!

The Chilcotin (tʃɪlˈkoʊtɪn) region of British Columbia is usually just referred to as "the Chilcotin". A plateau and mountain region sheltered by the British Columbia Coast Mountains on the west side of the Fraser River, the Chilcotin region is part of the Cariboo Regional District which is a municipal-level body governing some aspects of infrastructure and land-used planning. The area was settled by First Nation people and is still home to members of the Tsilhqot'in and Dakelh peoples, as well as mainly farmers and cattle ranchers.


Fishing for Trout and Kokanee is very productive on Puntzi lake. Spinning and Trolling are effective techniques, and there are a number of different setups that will work well.A variety of good choices are small gang trolls with worms, spoons such as dick nite, a willow leaf and Wedding Bands, among others. Flashers can work well and are popular too.

For those fishing on the east side of Puntzi Lake, a downrigger can be helpful too because of the depth. Great places for flyfishing are in the several weedy areas. The food is abundant, and the weeds are a good cover. Early in the season and again in the Fall are the best times for fly fishing.

Wild Horses

The Chilcotin is also known for its large population of wild horses. There are a number of theories as to their origins, although it is widely believed that a large number may have come from stock brought in during gold rush times. Despite many attempts at "control", there are still many wild horses still at large in the area.

White Pelicans

Another area attraction is the white pelican, an endangered species which has been breeding on Stum Lake on the Chilcotin plateau for many years, to which they return every year after wintering in southwest California and off the Pacific coast of Mexico. Many of the pelicans began nesting on the island on Puntzi lake as of about 5 years ago, making our Woodlands Fishin Resort a prime location from which to observe these birds. Please note that boaters are asked to stay 100 meters from the island shore so as not to disturb these wonderful creatures.

White pelicans are seen Because the white pelican is very sensitive to disturbances such as boats, noise from hikers, etc, Strum Lake is closed from May to end of August in order to protect the breeding grounds.


Interested in other things to do while visiting Woodlands Fishin Resort? Check out some of the available activities and let us know if you'd like us to book them for you!

Guided Horseback Riding

Would you enjoy some horseback riding? We can arrange your riding experience for you - one hour, two hour and three hour day trips are available, as well as overnight or multi-day camping trips either before or after your visit with us! Contact us today!

Annual Fishing Derby

An annual fishing derby is hosted every year by one of the three resorts on Puntzi Lake, which takes place on the weekend following the July 1st (Canada Day) holiday. The 2019 Derby takes place on Thursday July 5th, Friday July 6th and Saturday July 7th, with a dinner being held on Saturday evening. Woodlands Fishin Resort will be hosting the 2020 derby next year!

Prizes for the largest fish (kokanee and trout) in each of our three participant categories (Mens, Womens, Children), with the prizes being handed out on the Sunday at 1:00 pm.

Contact Woodlands Fishin Resort to register and book one of our cabins or campsites at the same time!

You can also register at our resort on the day of the derby.

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